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Welcome to Techny: the home to Divine Word Missionaries.

For over a century, Techny , a suburb on the northside of Chicago located between Glenview and Northbrook has been the North American headquarters of the Society of the the Divine Word (SVD), an international religious congregation, also known as the Divine Word Missionaries (map of Techny).

Twenty years after founding the Society of the Divine Word, St. Arnold Janssen dispatched the first group of Divine Word Missionaries to the United States . They arrived in Hoboken , New Jersey in 1895.

Techny , Illinois was the place where the first Divine Word Missionaries who were sent to the United States by St. Arnold Janssen settled in 1896. In 1909 the Society opened St. Mary's Mission Seminary at Techny. This was the first seminary established in the U.S. primarily to train men for the foreign missions.

Over the years Techny has sent hundreds of missionaries to the missions around the world. Although the seminary training of future missionaries has been relocated to other places in the United States, the financial, administrative, and pastoral activities headquartered in Techny make it a central node to SVDs around the world.

This website details the key SVD institutions at Techny and serves as a gateway to more information about these institutions.

Techny Mission Office
Serves as a center for supporting and initiating missionary and pastoral actiivities in North America and around the world.
Techny Towers
A retreat & conference center with all the state-of-the-art facilities
Chicago Province Center
Administrative headquarters of the Chicago Province of the Society of the Divine Word..
Techny Residence
The home of SVDs working in the various ministries as well as senior SVDs who have retired from active ministry.

Society of the Divine Word, 1985 Waukegan Road, Techny, Illinois 60082 USA
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